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The Shaman's Journey
29-31 March 2019, Denmark
17-21 July 2019, Halland, Sweden
15-17 Nov 2019, Denmark

Shamanic Practice Day
9 Feb 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Into the Journey
29-31 March 2019, Ireland
Being Home
4-7 April 2019, Ireland
Help for Helpers Retreat
23-28 April 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Legacy of the Wise Ones
1-5 May 2019, Wales
29 May-2 June 2019, Hvalsø, Denmark
Stories of Nature
24-30 June 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval 
24 July-3 Aug 2019, Tokalynga, Sweden

Shamanic Counselling 1
18-24 Aug 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden

Shamanism, Death & Life
19-22 Sept 2019, Samsø, Denmark
Spirit Voice  
Peace and Power
Return to Spirit
Spiritual Ecology
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 2
Rhythms of Life 
Step Into Change



At the retreat center Åsbacka, located in the southern Swedish woods, we have the opportunity to do varied kinds of spirit work in a wild natural setting. These occasional days are intended to help people at all points of their shamanic paths. We come together to widen our experience of many possible ways of working with the Spirits - not only journeying, but also nature work, ceremony, song and dance. By sharing in the circle and learning from each other, participants are encouraged to keep their shamanic practice vibrant and feel a deeper relationship to both the Spirits, themselves and the world around them.

Shamanic Practice Days run from 10.00 to 17.00.
Please note that no accommodation is available.


Roots are essential to life - but often they remain hidden and unseen, and we may not notice them. This day will help us to shift our focus, from the more obvious above ground to what happens underneath.

When we care for the roots, the whole being is nurtured. They connect us to the past and give us gifts for the future. They are our ancestors and everything that has brought us to this moment. Through our roots we connect to life and receive what we need. 

Now is a good time to prepare for the growing season. We cannot sow seeds in life and hope they will do well if we do not also tend to our roots. Together with the Spirits, we will explore the importance of roots in the world, and how that reflects in our lives. What soil do we grow in? How do we receive nourishment? How are we connected to our spiritual roots? What happens when we become uprooted? What can the Earth teach us about community and communication through its network of roots? How can we help the Earth’s rooting be steady in times of stormy weather and challenge? 

We will work with drum journeys, song and nature to learn more about the role of roots in our lives and how to make them strong, vibrant and healthy. 

9 Feb, 2019: Åsbacka, Skåne, Sweden. Taught by Jonathan and Zara in English. To book your place, contact Zara, email: Price: 1000 SEK, deposit 300 SEK, includes a simple vegan lunch. Max 14 places.

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The next Shamanic Practice Day will be in May 2019.

Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent.


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