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Sometimes we stand naked before change
All of our leaves gone, our defenses down
with what we have left, pared away
to our most essential being in this moment
our past our present our future boiling
inside us, becoming who we are born to be

Sometimes we stand together, within reach of one another
Finding support in the swaying branches of our kin
The wind sweeps us clean, bending not breaking
The rain anoints, releasing our thirst
The sun warms the roots to awaken power
The earth connecting beginning and end

Every day a new season, every day a new song
Every day the Sun sets, and rises again from the Moon
Change sometimes comes unbidden
The temptation is to hide, grit our teeth and wait
What can we do with this fear, this pain, this longing, this loss?
But touch it and see, how to say goodbye
A new day is dawning to a bigger rhythm thundering in my heart

Transform the barren into fruitfulness
Bring dead branches to feed the fire
Spring is here, the ever-new beginning
Beckoning us to join the dance
All of Creation is waiting for us
to be touched by Life, again and again and again

~ Jonathan and Zara ~


As the world health situation is still so uncertain, Jonathan and Zara have decided to cancel their residential Summer courses at Tokalynga. They hope they will be able to offer them in 2022 instead, and will continue to teach online for the rest of this year.

Annette is also cancelling the ICELAND SEIDR course. For Danish speaking people, there is the possibility of coming to FOREST SEIDR in June. For English speaking students, she hopes to offer an international Seidr course in the future, when the world situation allows again.


In Denmark, Annette will teach FOREST SEIDR 9-13 June in the hilly forest of Mid-Sjælland.  During Autumn, she will do SPIRIT VOICE – Shamanic Singing, in Cph, 10-12 Sept, and THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY near Aarhus, 24-26 sept.


Booking is now open for Jonathan and Zara’s Springtime offering RHYTHMS OF LIFE. This interactive webinar-series is open to everyone, no previous training is required. Working with animistic nature practices, ceremony and writing, it offers inspiration in how to move with the cycles of life and the power of the seasons. It will explore endings, beginnings, transitions and thresholds, allowing change to bring healing and transformation. It begins Sun 21 March and runs every 2 weeks for 4 sessions.

It is still possible to join INTO THE JOURNEY for those who have learned how to journey with the Drum and would like to go further. It begins Tue 16 March and focuses on the journey as the language of the Spirits, how to find and formulate clear intentions, and how to receive the deeper teachings. This is a good course as a next step after introductory work or for those who wish to find more confidence and clarity in their communication with the Spirits. It runs for 5 sessions, every two weeks.

Jonathan & Zara are currently planning more online courses for Summer and Autumn. They will announce them by early April so please keep an eye on the website or the SCSS facebook page.

Although different to coming together in person, working in Circle online is very powerful and inspiring in its own way. Long-distance courses also help you to ground your shamanic practice in your own home and everyday life. 


Jonathan & Zara will hold their next free online talk on Thu 18 March on the theme of “Shamanism, Change & Balance”. It is free to attend but you need to register via Zoom. All their previous talks are available on the You Tube channel “Shaman Circle Center

There are several people in our shamanic community who are offering shamanic introduction courses online, teaching journey work in a similar way to the SCSS. They have all assisted us on courses at some time or another or helped to organize and run SCSS workshops. Shenoah Taylor runs regular courses, sometimes together with Lisa Sture, and also teaches journeying on a 1-2-1 basis:

Julia Crabtree is another long-term practitioner in the UK and will be teaming up with Shenoah to teach an introduction online weekend 24-25 April:, offering fees on a sliding scale.

Jonathan and Zara are also planning to run their online introduction course Open to Power again in October, which focuses on Rattle, Song and Nature work rather than how to journey.

While we cannot meet as much as we want in person, why not take some time to study? YouTube channel “Nordic Animism”, created by Rune Hjarnø, offers educational videos in English, discussing both popular and contested notions about Nordic shamanic and animist heritage, eg. “The Magic of Runes” and ”Nordic Shamanism didn’t Disappear”.  

If you can read a Scandinavian language is an outstanding online library of Norse Edda poems and Sagas and later Scandinavian source texts on magic and animistic practices, to dive into (if you are an English speaker, we encourage you to try anyway). Both NordicAnimism and Heimskringla are free to access, but donations are very welcome.

In these times of social distancing, we feel it is even more important to find ways to stay connected in shamanic community. The ISC (International Shamanic Community) was set up in 2008 for people who have studied with the SCSS to help you feel connected in between courses. These days it works mainly as an online community and offers ceremonies, meetings and healing work. To find out more about the history and practice of the ISC, go to: If you have trained with the SCSS (including introduction to shamanic journeying) and would like to join the ISC, please contact

If you have enjoyed Summer courses at our regular venue Tokalynga, you might like to know that their book has now been published. It tells the amazing story of how they came to be, many travels and tribulations, and the strong vision of Robert Jakobsson which has kept them alive for so long. More information and how to buy a copy:  (at the moment, it is only available in Swedish)

*** For full information on courses and how to book, see website coursepage ***


Jonathan Horwitz can be reached on email or daytime tel (+46) 431 441 220
Annette Høst prefers daytime telephone (+45) 32 54 28 08. Email

Zara Waldebäck prefers email

*** For full information on courses and how to book, see website coursepage ***