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The Shaman's Journey
13-15 Nov 2020, Jutland, Denmark
29 April-2 May 2021, Halland Sweden
14-18 July 2021, Halland Sweden

Into the Journey
Begins 6 Oct, 5 sessions
Help for Helpers
Begins 10 Oct, 5 sessions
Open to Power (introduction course)
Begins 5 Nov, 4 sessions
Stories of Nature
Begins 15 Nov, 6 sessions
Spirit Voice  
19-21 Feb 2021, Copenhagen
Iceland Seidr
28 April-2 May 2021, Iceland
Circle of Life
5-9 May 2021, Tokalynga Sweden

Shamanism, Death & Life
21-27 July 2021, Tokalynga Sweden

Talk: Asking for Help
29 Sept 2020, free online event
Legacy of the Wise Ones
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Return to Spirit
Blessed by the Moon
Spiritual Ecology
Into the Journey
Forest Seidr
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Voice of the Earth
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Stories of Nature
The Deepening Path
Help for Helpers
Blessing the Shaman's Way
Rhythms of Life 
Step Into Change
Being Home


The journey to the Spirit world and the relationship to the Spirits is the heart of the shaman’s practice. When this heart is strong, it gives power and clarity to all aspects of shamanic work, whether it is healing, community ceremony, nature connection or living a spirit-led life.

On this course you will develop your shamanic journeying skills, learn to work more powerfully with your Spirit helpers, and discover new possibilities for helping both yourself and others.

When we first meet the Spirits and begin to practice, we often have powerful experiences - but it is not always easy to bring them back to our lives. This course helps you to take the next step.

As you deepen your trust and commitment, and use shamanic tools in a mindful disciplined way, you enter into an apprenticeship with the Spirits. Working specifically with the drum journey, you will learn more about communicating with the Spirits and understanding their language. We will explore using the journey in everyday life and the importance of formulating clear intentions. We will look at how to “read” the journey to receive its deeper teachings, and how to prepare your space so the journey is focused and well held.

Though the main focus is on the shamanic drum journey, we will also go into nature, taking the journey practice into the physical world, helping us to read signs and walk the Earth with intention and attention.

This course is a very good next step after the introductory workshop. Whether you are new on the shaman’s path or if you have walked it for years, it will strengthen your practice and inspire your work. It will help to integrate shamanism into your everyday life, so you can see more clearly and listen more deeply, and feel a connection to Power wherever you are.

Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent.


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