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Earth Rights Conference
10-11 May, Sigtuna, Sweden


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Jonathan and Zara have been invited to take part in the international Earth Rights Conference at Sigtuna, Sweden. They will host a workshop session together with Henrik Hallgren of Lodyn - a network engaged in the healing and deepening of the human-nature-relationship.

The name of their workshop is "Ecopsychology, Animism and the Soul of the World":

Ecopsychology calls for the Voice of the Earth to be included in the environmental debate. At this key time of challenge, we need to engage with both the body and the soul of nature. Learning to work with them together can radically re-awaken our relationship to the Earth and help us discover new solutions, new inspirations, and new possibilities. This is not a luxury bonus or exotic sideline, it is an essential core practice. Life is a ceremony and every day we have the choice of how to greet it. By asking for help and accepting support, we can work with power, change, responsibility and joy. Through shamanic and animistic practice, we can ask how to best use our skills, talents and energy; we can find out what we need to give and what we need to receive. By speaking and listening directly to the Earth, we come to a place where we ask not only for what we want, but also for what we need. By re-connecting to our natural community including humans, nature, and spirits, we turn a feeling of longing into a sense of belonging. We invite a way of life where we are no longer isolated individuals but participating in the whole. We find a Song of Home. In the workshop we will explore ways of re-connecting with Earth through shamanic and ecopsychological practices

The conference will be held in English and offer a range of workshops and international speakers, including Tom Goldtooth, the executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, and Osprey Orielle Lake, the founder of the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network.

10-11 May, 2019 - Sigtuna, Sweden. For more information, see

To register for one or both days, go to